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Songwriter Tess Cunningham, a.k.a. Tess in Venice is known for her lyrical edge, honest and jaggedly beautiful music. Tess, who was born in Melbourne Australia and is now based in the UK, has been slowly and steadily releasing a string of well-received EPs and singles on  Midnight Cat Records  – garnering radio play and performing solo and with her band around London.

Tess came to listener’s attention with her 2013 debut ‘Let’s Compare Scars’, a collection of piano driven songs full of dark intrigue as the title suggests.‘It is hard to believe that her EP is a debut, as she has a bedrock maturity that usually comes from developing many studio productions…..irrefutably original with a voice that could make an angel high-five her.’ —- Lisa Torem, Penny Black Music     

Let’s Compare Scars Review

Tess took a deliberate step in the opposite direction with her 2015 follow up…abandoning the keys in favour of the guitar. The result was ‘Flood Heart Fly’, the single ‘Once Upon A Time’ garnering support from Absolute Radio (Frank Skinner’s Show) with ‘hooks galore and a kind of hippie / garden rock underbelly’…all too brief a taste’ —- Robb Donker, American Pancake

American Pancake Review

Tess returned with a seven minute piece “Polly Psyche” a modern re-telling of the story of Cupid and Psyche. Falling somewhere between Sufjan Stevens and Aaron Copeland this piano led and layered guitar track takes you on a journey like no other and refuses to sit neatly in any genre. Tess illustrated and edited a video to accompany the song, read all about it in this feature on inspiring female artists and producers here:

Inspirer Life Feature on ‘Polly Psyche’

A prolific writer, Tess has written hundreds of songs and is working on a full length album. Watch this space!


Learn To Fly the latest single is out now. You can read about it Here


Tess in Venice has just announced that Once Upon A Time is now streaming on Spotify with new artwork — read about it here:  Once Upon A Time now streaming!




New stripped down version of Nevermind available now!!! Read more about it here  Nevermind – piano version




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Tess also releases compositions under her own name, check out what she’s been up to here:

Tess Cunningham

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