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Songwriter Tess Cunningham came to listener’s attention with her 2013 debut ‘Let’s Compare Scars’, a collection of piano driven songs full of dark intrigue as the title suggests before creating a new project Tess in Venice with which to emerge from behind the keys, to showcase her guitar songs, laden with ‘hooks galore and a kind of hippie / garden rock underbelly’ — Robb Donker, American Pancake        American Pancake Review

With lead single from the EP Flood Heart Fly ‘Once Upon A Time’ (Tess’s self proclaimed ‘Grimm’ fairy tale) garnering support from Absolute Radio (Frank Skinner’s Show) Tess continued the extension of her music in various self made music videos, incorporating her striking visual art. Tess released Learn To Fly during the London lockdown and several instrumental pieces under her own name, and is currently working on albums for both projects.



Learn To Fly the latest single is out now. You can read about it Here


Tess in Venice has just announced that Once Upon A Time is now streaming on Spotify with new artwork — read about it here:  Once Upon A Time now streaming!




New stripped down version of Nevermind available now!!! Read more about it here  Nevermind – piano version




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Tess also releases compositions under her own name, check out what she’s been up to here:

Tess Cunningham